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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

CIR Interpretation Tutorial

"Stitching Together a Picture Quilt" in Virtual Nebraska

Most of the cities and places highlighted in Virtual Nebraska do not have colors that appear to be uniform throughout in this image. This is because the photographs used to "stich together" the images that you see, were often not taken during the same day. This causes some of the photos to be a little different in color from one another. In fact, there are several examples where we've had to use aerial photos from not only different days, but different years! This was sometimes necessary because the National Aerial Photography Program (NAPP) - which takes aerial photographs of the United States every few years - didn't always take all of the pictures for a given city during the same year. The people participating in the program had to stagger the locations of which they took their pictures because of the shear size of the assignment. In the case of Nebraska, it took two seasons of picture taking to cover the entire state. That's a lot of high-altitude flying and a lot of rolls of film! It also took a lot of work by the image analyst to put the photos togther in the form that you see here.

A selected image from near Beatrice, NE. Please note that the four arrows show where this single image was created from pieces of four aerial photographs!