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Standardized Vegetation Index for 1993

May, 1993 June, 1993 July, 1993
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August, 1993 September, 1993 October, 1993
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Prevailing climatic conditions during 1993 - May through October

Unusually wet conditions continued in the eastern-half of the nation. This situation had been occurring since summer of 1992. Frequent flooding occurred during April through July in some locations in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers expanded to a width of 7 and 20 miles respectively due to the flooding, resulting in losses of human lives and property damage. Crops were far behind in the Midwest due to the cool-wet conditions. The western Corn Belt experienced an early frost in September. On the other hand, dry conditions prevailed across the south-central and southeastern States. For example, in July midwest and southwest states were wet while nearly one-third of the country across south-central and southeastern States was unusually dry. The southeast experienced the driest summer and the second hottest of this century, and crop yields were reduced due to the extensive dry conditions. By contrast, the northwest had the third wettest and the coolest summer in 98 years.