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Standardized Vegetation Index for 1992

May, 1992 June, 1992 July, 1992
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August, 1992 September, 1992 October, 1992
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Prevailing climatic conditions during 1992 - May through October

The summer precipitation was unusually heavy, especially during July. The Nation's summer average temperature was about 20F below normal and the third coldest on record. After slow start to the summer rainfall in major corn and soybean growing areas, timely showers of rain in July helped the crops through reproduction. Elsewhere, summer precipitation was in the wet third of the rankings in all but the East North Central region, which had near-normal rainfall. Summer temperatures were the second lowest on record in the East North Central, Central, and South regions, and well below normal in the Northeast, Southeast, West North Central, and Southwest regions. However, one effect of a cold pattern east of the Rockies is often unusual warmth in the Far West. Thus, the Northwest region experienced its 14th warmest summer.