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Space Shuttle Photography

Platte River

This image was taken during STS-62 by the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia at an altitude of 163 nautical miles. The mission began on March 4, 1994 and ended on March 18th. The date means that the growing season has yet to begin and there are few, if any, crops that could be seen from space. The overall darkness of the right-side of the image is due to the setting of the Sun. North is between the top and upper-left corner of the image. The location of the image is south-central Nebraska. The bottom one-third of the image is covers part of northern Kansas. The dominant feature is that of the Platte River which flows from the left-side of the image center to the upper-right of the image. Snow appears to be at the center and also in the upper-left corner of the image. The long, white shape just down, and slightly to the right of the image center is Harlan County Lake. The dark area to the left of image center and slightly up is the Nebraska National Forest.