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Space Shuttle Photography


This image is centered on the western panhandle of Nebraska. The top of the image is pointed approximately to the north. The dark circular feature (with some clouds floating above it) located upper left of center is the Black Hills located in South Dakota. The dark, ribbon-like feature immediately to the south of the Black Hills is the Niobrara River. The dark, elongated feature just to the lower left of center is Lake McConaughy (pronounced muh-con-uh-hay). Just to the right of Lake McConaughy are Sutherland and Maloney reservoirs. The numerous small, dark features sprinkled throughout the central portion of the image are freshwater and alkaline lakes. These lakes lie within a region known as the Nebraska Sandhills. The Nebraska Sandhills are one of the world's largest stabilized dunefields and are a product of past continental glaciation. The dark feature that is right and a little up from the image center is the Halsey National Forest.