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Space Shuttle Photography


This image was acquired by the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis at an altitude of 164 nautical miles. The image is centered over Omaha, NE. (Nebraska's most populous city) and the adjoining city of city of Council Bluff, Iowa. The road system of the two cities can be seen quite clearly. North is located between the top and upper-right corner of the image. Atlantis was launched on November 3, 1994 and orbited the Earth for nearly 11 days. The lateness of the year means that there are no crops that could be seen from space, even though this area of eastern Nebraska (and western Iowa) produces a great deal of corn. The meandering river in the center of the image is the Missouri River which served as the dividing line between the two states. Meander scars are present and an oxbow lake (Carter Lake) can be seen near the airport (Eppley Airfield) at the image center. The river that can be seen from the left to the image center is the Platte River. It is here that the Platte joins the Missouri River.