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Vistapro DEM files

Omaha, Nebraska

Version 2.0

On this page you will find the three elevation files which are in Vistapro format that cover the Omaha study area. They have been tested on both a Macintosh and an Intel based PC. The files have been compressed with the PC utility PKZIP. The only difference between the three versions are the size of the files. The first is 258x258, which corresponds to Vistapro small DEM size; another is 514x514, which corresponds to Vistapro large DEM size; the last is 1026x1026 which is Vistapro's huge DEM size. To make use of these files, unzip them to a hard drive and load them into Vistapro as "DEM" files. Note: These files have been reconstructed with the zero dn fill at the top and left edge. This will make easier filling the Missouri River. There are still problems with the floodplain and will be "fixed" soon.

Click on the size of the Vistapro DEM file you want to download to your own computer.
  • SMALL 258x258 (zipped 29kb, expands to 48kb)
  • LARGE 514x514 (zipped 90kb, expands to 171kb)
  • HUGE1026x1026 (zipped 218kb, expands to 481kb)

Sample Vistapro renderings