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  1. Go to History of Our Towns and select a city or town of interest. It could be the city or town you are living in or one you are interested in learning something about (This activity involves CIR image interpretation. Try and pick a city that is listed in CIR Imagery).
  2. Read the historical analysis that is given about the city. Take notes on certain highlights or happenings that interested you.
  3. List 5 events or highlights from the story.
  4. List any census information that is given. For example, do they give the cities highest population number to date?
  5. Was there any catastrophes or natural disasters? List any that you find. Have the disasters changed the way the town or city looks or functions? Explain.
  6. Based on the article that you have read, describe what you think is the main economical lifestyle (past and present)? Is this a farming community or do a majority of the people work in a factory? Is it urban or rural? Does recreation dominate the community? Sometimes a community will undergo a change in its economical look and feel. Is this community dramatically different today than it was 20 or 50 years ago?
  7. To get a better feeling of the historical analysis of the community go to CIR Imagery. Find the city or town that you have selected (the city or town may not be available as a CIR image). If you found the city or town, view the city from an aerial view. Does the image show you an area that would match the description of the historical analysis? Explain how the image might give you some answers to the cultural and economical history of the city (Landmarks, rivers, lakes, farmland, buildings, etc. will all give you ideas on how the city operates).
  8. If the city you have chosen does not have a CIR Image, pick another city that does and repeat the activity.
  9. To get a better understanding of the great state of Nebraska you need to research some more cities or towns. Select 3 more cities of interests and repeat the activity.