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Storm Damage Recovery Funds Disbursed

(Lincoln, Neb.) - Just 9 days after President Clinton declared Nebraska a disaster area, federal dollars already have been sent to the State for disbursement to some local communities.

The communities of Hickman, Cordova, Gretna, LaVista and Papillion soon are expected to receive payments from the state to reimburse eligible costs associated with debris removal and emergency protective measures after a late October snow storm swept through the area.

The federal allocation, totaling $307,834, is the first transfer of funds to the State earmarked for reimbursement of eligible storm damages in 3 of the 38 Nebraska counties designated for federal disaster assistance. The allocation represents 75 percent of approved damage costs to date. The remaining 25 percent comes from non-federal funds, usually in the form of a cost-share between the state and the applicant.

According to state officials, the disbursement to all five communities totals $71,191. The balance of the federal allotment will be used for administrative costs and for money needed to get longer-term recovery projects begun.

Federal Coordinating Officer, Warren Pugh, Jr., said "I am pleased that we are able to get recovery funds to the State of Nebraska so quickly. This fast action is a credit to the State and to local communities who submitted their requests right away and had the completed documentation to back to them up."

State Coordinating Officer Brig. Gen. Francis Laden, commended communities for their "speedy and efficient work in assessing damage and in cooperating with the damage inspection teams."

Federal reimbursement is made for eligible costs associated with debris removal and emergency protective measures. To date, 102 Notices of Interest have been forwarded to the State of Nebraska from state agencies, local governments and special districts asking that they be considered for possible federal reimbursement.

Meanwhile, teams of federal and state inspectors continue to visit local communities, assessing damage and determining eligible storm-related costs.

Updated: November 14, 1997