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Snow Storm of 1997

Images of the Aftermath

Stuart McFeeters

Since church services were cancelled because of the snowfall, I spent most of the morning kicking back and getting some badly needed rest. In the afternoon, I decided to move my van from where it was parked since I could only park in the place that it was during the weekend. I'd find a parking ticket on my windshield if the parking police found it there on Monday morning. In the difficult process of getting my van moved to the correct parking lot, I managed to find some time to take some pictures. These are some pictures that I took around the Cather-Pound Residence Hall at UNL late in the afternoon of the 26th.

This is my van doing its impersonation of a snowbank (S.McFeeters).
This photo was taken at a parking lot near the complex. This is another car trying to look like a snowbank. I think that mine did a better job. Note the thickness of the snowcover on the car hood and also the fact that the far side of the car is still covered pretty well (S.McFeeters).
Alas, the poor trees. Had the temperature gotten colder earlier in the month, the leaves would have dropped by the 26th. and there probably wouldn't have been as much damage. Or, had the temperature been a little warmer during the storm, the snow would have fallen as rain and likewise the damage would not have been as severe (S.McFeeters).
You can see my van just toward the right edge of the picture. The snow was somewhat difficult to walk in because no one had plowed out the lot yet which wasn't surprising given that it was a Sunday (S.McFeeters).