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Snow Storm of 1997

Images of the Aftermath

Kenneth Dewey

On the morning after the snowstorm, Professor Ken Dewey of the Geosciences Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, toured the city and consulted with the Mayor of Lincoln, Mike Johanns, regarding the severity of the situation. These are some of the images that he saw.

Please note: these images are the property of Professor Ken Dewey and should not be duplicated for commercial uses. For further information he may be contacted at

Lincoln Mayor Mike Johanns at the Sunday morning (10/26) press conference during which he declared a state of emergency. (K.Dewey)
Touring around Lincoln observing the widespread damage to the trees. (K.Dewey).
More damage. (K.Dewey)
Caution! Low Bridge! (K.Dewey)
Some people had difficulty finding their house. (K.Dewey)
Once they found their house, they had to look for their car. (K.Dewey)
After finding their cars, they still had to look for the road. (K.Dewey)
Eventually, road crews were able to clear some paths along emergency route through the city. (K.Dewey)
Although this photograph was taken after a snowstorm that occurred in March, 1998 rather than the October Snowstorm, the amount of snowfall was nearly the same. I think that this photo helps to visualize the scale of what happened (K.Dewey).