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Snow Storm of 1997

Images of the Aftermath

Deb Demarey

These pictures were submitted by Deb Demarey, a member of CALMIT's CASDE group.

Deb's apartment complex during the storm (D.Demarey).
Her apartment complex from a slightly higher view (D.Demarey).
Her apartment from the higher view, but after the snow stopped falling. You'll note the one person standing near the base of the tree, noting the aftermath. There's another figure standing in front of the building (D. Demarey).
Deb and some of the neighborhood kids built this Snowman to keep watch over the apartment after the storm (D. Demarey).
Another view of Deb's building, the cars were buried, the trees damaged (D. Demarey).
Deb took some time to tour around lincoln in the days that followed to snap some pcitures of which this is one (D. Demarey).