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Salt Creek Watershed Project

Waverly High School Salt Creek Watershed Study

Activies and Sites

Students Visit Salt Creek to Take Samples

Waverly High School students took samples of soil and water to determine what insects, animals, and plants are living there.

The selected sites for the samples were done at the following areas:

These are the different experiments done at Salt Creek:

  1. Quadrates
  2. Soil Samples
  3. Sweeping for Insects
  4. Collecting and Pressing Plants
  5. Photographers Print/Digital
  6. Description of Area
  7. Signs of Animals
  8. Macroinvertebrates


Definition: One Square Yard Isolated for Study of Plants and Insects

The charts below represent the average number of insects and plants that were found at the four sites.


Pictures of plants taken at Salt Creek


Students Searched for Insects at Salt Creek



Definition: Larger Spineless Animals Such as Marine Life

Signs of Animals

Salt Creek Plants and Animals
Wilderness Park (Site 1) Oak Lake (Site 2) Super Saver (Site 3) Ashland (Site 4)
AM Core AM Core AM Core AM Core
Plants Plants Plants Plants
Downey Goldenrod Pigweed Honeyvine Milkweed  
Puncture Vein Carpetweed Toothed Sporge  
Grand Rugweed Common Ragweed Common Watercup  
Intermediate Dog Bane Large Crabgrass Musk Thistle  
Bracket Fungus Dandilion Henbit  
Venus Looking Glass Sawtooth Sunflower Dandilion  
Prostrate Vervain   Smooth Brome  
Wild Violet   Stinging Nettle  
Dandilion   Woolyleaf Busage  
Wooly Cupgrass      
Black Seed Plantain      
Animals Animals Animals Animals
earthworms Violet Dancer Deer Funnel Web Spider
termite Indian Meal Moth White Footed Mouse Black Ants
beetle Pillbug Junco Night Crawler
ants Solpugida Dove Beetle Larva
Dcinastinae Wolf Spider earthworm Earthworms
amelicl San Jose Scale Snake Coras Medicinalis Spider
Daddy Long Legs Opiliones Canada Goose Bean Leaf Beetle
Cloudy wing Prioninae Lady Beetle Boxelder Bug
Lady Beetles Drosophila Chigger Grass Spider
Tiger Beetle Raccoon Grass Spider Lady Beetle
Red Mite Black Bird Rove Beetle Wild Turkey
Cockroach Little Gull Leaf Beetle Raccoon
Sowbug Robin Nymph Badger
Staphylinid Larva Sparrow Bluegrass Billbug Opossum
Oxyopes Barn Swallow Sowbug Coyote
German Cockroack Tawny shouldered Blackbird Daddy Longlegs Whitetail Deer
Hypochilul bonnete Gertsch Mosquito Carpenter Ant  
Raccoon Moth Centipedes  
canadian geese   Fire Ants  
butterfly (blue purple)      
PM Core PM Core PM Core PM Core
plants plants plants plants
  grass wavyleaf thistle red root pigweed
PM Core nettles horseweed common ragweed
  milkweed dandilion common mallow
  curly dock milkweed dandilion
  dandilion common mullein stinging nettle
  poison ivy umbrella plant  
  musk thistle clammy ground cherry  
  common ragweed cocklebur  
  6 more different kinds of plant    
boxer beetle red bugs worms ant
mosquito Darner Dragonfly spider gnat
minnows slug centipede brown spider
deer wasps bullsnake ground squirrel
raccoon caterpillar black bird frogs
spiders hairy caterpiller raccoon raccoons
  flys ants deer
  spiders waterbugs lady beetle
  beetles bluegill minnow
  rabbit minnows termite
  meadowlark grasshopper beaver
  deer lady beetle hawk
  minnows pillbug white butterfly
    black spiders southern leopard frog
    pale spiders blanchards cricket frog